January 08, 2014

Tim, Jamie & Carter Await a New Addition to the Family

It really is fascinating to see where life takes you and the experience you share with someone else, like building a family and home together. I've known Tim and Jamie since before they were married and it has been such a joy to see them grow individually and as a family. I photographed the two of them when Carter was still a baby and now they have a second one of the way! Looking forward to continually see their amazing little family grow.
January 06, 2014

Belmont Shore + Michael's Pizzeria

Saturday I scheduled a shoot later in the day before sunset; I've been so busy I haven't been able to "stop and smell the roses," so Jonathan and I decided to catch some sun before it went to into hiding for the Winter. We walked a couple blocks through Belmont Shore, spotted some great fashion folks and some pretty awesome rides. We also made our way to Michael's Pizzeria in Long Beach which was named the best pizzeria in the U.S. and Los Angeles. Being a foodie, I had to see what the fuss was all about. It was a great experience overall and reigns as top tier pizza choices...

Vintage Rides - PhotosbyAMBelmont Shores Fashion - PhotosbyAMStarbucks Coffee - PhotosbyAMMichaels Pizzeria - PhotosbyAMNamed Best Pizza in the US - PhotosbyAMwine selection - PhotosbyAM
December 31, 2013

New Year. New Beginning.

A new year means high hopes for a new beginning or new life-shattering goals. Now that the holidays are about to end, I can finally focus on bigger plans for 2014. Things I plan on sharing with you in the next couple months...    /// street style photography \\\ /// travelogues \\\ /// youtube photo tutorials for bloggers \\\ /// photo and design workshops \\\

I believe motivation is key to success...so go where the wind takes you! vintage compass
Also, I'm high on dark chocolate from Trader Joe's desserts and imported chocolate for Honduras. My friends know the way to my heart.organic dark chocolate
December 19, 2013

Margarita + Juan: Union Station Engagement

I could tell by the way they looked at each other that Margarita & Juan were meant to be together. They met many years ago at the Philharmonic - Walt Disney Concert Hall where they both worked as ushers in Downtown Los Angeles; Juan was shy but knew he couldn't miss the chance to talk to Margarita; since then they have been inseparable. We explored downtown and made our way to Union Station and The Metropolitan Water District for their engagement session.
metropolitan water districtdowntown los angeles engagementunion station engagementunion station engagementengagementunion stationunion station downtown los angelesengagement downtown los angeles
December 16, 2013

Chic Little Devil Style House

Spent my Friday afternoon splurging a little at the Chic Little Devil Style House rooftop going through racks of must-have finds from their yearly sample sale. I'm still in the mind-set of a poor college student, which contains my urge of random shopping sprees...BUT occasionally, I believe it's okay to spend a little. What's life for anyways?
December 13, 2013

Vintage Shopping In Little Ethiopia

I briefly drove through Little Ethiopia in Los Angeles and noticed some great thrift store locations; I made a note to myself to remember to visit that area which I was able to this week! I love all the furniture and random pieces I found. It's a small stretch on Fairfax where you'll find all types of goodies. I would say it's middle price range; it's more expensive than regular thrift stores but it definitely beats the prices of some bigger flea markets I've attended in the past. On a good day, you'll find a 50% section. In the midst of vintage on the brain - I snapped a few photos! vintage globevintage store in little ethiopiarecycle your christmas treevintage tea potsvintage shops in los angelesmodern vintage store in little ethiopia